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The Mystery Of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

A singular example of insane acting.

To observe that Sherlock Holmes is popular at the moment is to be on a par with Lestrade’s detective skills. While Doyle’s creation has never been out of the popular consciousness, it’s hard to think of a time when he’s been so omnipresent as now. With the UK’s Sherlock and the US’s Elementary both reinventing the detective for the modern day, while Guy Ritchie’s movies make huge noise at the box office, it’s hard to move without bumping into the man. And that’s without taking into account the TV shows that are just the concept redressed, from House (House/Holmes, Watson/Wilson – geddit?) to Psych, and of course Frogwares’ ongoing game series. So it seems a surprise that the attempt to reprise the Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective gaming series has had a shaky start.

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