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Posts tagged “Ship Simulator Extremes”

Ferry Good News: Ship Simulator Ferry Pack

You may remember Quintin's foray into the world of Ship Simulator Extremes last year. He really doesn't know boats. But he does know bugs. A lot of the launch issues have apparently been ironed out since, and today they bring news of a DLC pack. Think of the most extreme boats in the world. No! More extreme than that! Extremier than you've ever dared to…

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Ship Simulator Extremes v1.3 Patch & Editor

Developers VSTEP are hard at working improving Ship Simulator Extremes, and the new 1.3 patch adds a collection of new features including a mission editor, nine new misions, a cinematic camera and improvements to the game's visuals and multiplayer. It is a boat bonanza! If we have any proud virtual sailor boys reading this who haven't heard of Ship Simulator Extremes, I'd included the latest…

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Ship Simulator Extremes Demo & Defense

Anybody remember my less than buoyant impressions of Ship Simulator Extremes a couple of weeks ago? Well, the developers have since sent us a fairly comprehensive response, which only occasionally stops pointing out that I am awful at boats to defend their game and what they were striving to do with it. Good on them, I say. You can find the whole thing beneath the…

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Impressions: Ship Simulator Extremes

I'd been interested in Ship Simulator Extremes since I heard about it at GamesCom. It's a ship simulator, but with whole campaigns of relatively extreme missions that see you performing rescues, putting out fires, and even harassing other vessels as a pesky Greenpeace unit. Could I - a man - with no experience in ships - hope to succeed?Since Ship Simulator Extremes came out a…

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Ship Simulator Extremes… Tourist Missions!

Jim posted about Ship Simulator Extremes last week. What could make us post about it again? The fact it's out now and available to buy from digital-distributor places would be the obvious one, but that would make far too much sense. No, I was attracted by Paradox releasing a press release about the Tourist campaign - complete with trailer. 13 missions where you take a…

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Wave To Me: Ship Simulator Extremes

First there was Ship Simulator, and now there is Extremes of it. Something like that. Anyway, Paradox Interactive have sent word that the greatest ship-simulation of all time is now even greater, thanks to a new game scheduled to arrive in the harbour of our attentions in early 2010. The new game will once again feature careful navigation of "hovercraft, coast guard interceptors, mammoth tankers,…

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