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Bit By Bit: Evoland Lets You Play Through Gaming History

I'm sad, because the third image makes it very apparent that he is not, in fact, wearing a croissant on his head.

Ah, how far we’ve come. Why, I remember when games were still controlled by way of fire, amber-crystallized¬†mosquitoes, and – yeesh – wired peripherals during brief respites from servitude under our mighty, all-devouring Tyrannolords. Those were such simpler times. Now, though, we have all these crazy¬†graphics and buttons. But how did we reach this point? That’s what Evoland hopes to explore, generation-by-generation, in a single adventure. So it might begin looking and playing like a colorless brick of Game Boy code, but later areas will morph into 16-bit, 32-bit, and full-blown 3D. Nifty, huh? Watch the gaming industry level up in trailer form after the break.

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