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Who On Earth Is Yoshio Ishii?

After playing both of the really lovely Hoshi Saga games (and then annoying my sister by not helping her when she gets stuck), I realised that they came from the same person who wrote the completely stunning Cursor*10, Yoshio Ishii. I then realised I don’t have the faintest idea who Yoshio Ishii is, and wanted to find out. It’s not immediately clear.

Cat Hunter!

For someone who’s generated quite so many superbly fun Flash/Shockwave games, he gains little attention, lacking even a Wikipedia entry. GameSetWatch gave Ishii some coverage in 2006, and Googling his name will give you results based on commentaries of various games. Also, his cat-based Neko Series saw some coverage in 2006. But where’s the glory? Gaming’s equivalent of B. Kliban deserves more attention. So here are a few other highlights from his collection.

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