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Shoot Many Robots Optimised For PC, Released 6 April

Where is my continuity?!

Shoot Many Robots, Ubisoft’s co-op side-scrolling shooter, has a PC release date for Steam. The 6th April. It’s been out on console downloads for a while now, and has garnered an extremely confusing mix of reviews. The super-angry Destructoid loved it with an 8, while the pathologically generous IGN broke their score machine by going as low as 4.5. So I don’t know what to think. About anything. Pre-ordering the game will score you a few bonuses. Get three copies and they’ll throw in a fourth, along with some aesthetic Valve-themed changes for the game – the likes of Gordon Freeman as a playable character, or Portal turrets as enemies, along with some TF2 shenanigans.

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