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Sick Of Healing

If you’ve ever been unlucky enough to be near Kieron Gillen and me in the same location at the same time, the chances are at some point you’ll have heard Kieron make a jibe at me about my MMO healing abilities. It normally arrives at some point in the evening. Eventually, enough was enough, and it was time for my revenge. That’s what this is: a revenge piece written to an international audience. I’m proud of that. If you’ve ever played a healer in a game, you’ll understand. It originally appeared in the Escapist, but now is reproduced in full for your eye-based entertainment.

There's Kieron, needing some healing as usual .

I’m not going to play a healer again.

We, as a people, sue hospitals. The degree of stupidity necessary for such an action should be impossible to grasp, so mind-destroyingly moronic we begin whirring, buzzing and emitting smoke from our circuits. Instead, we’re used to it, even resigned to it. It is in our international character. Ask anyone who’s ever played a healer in an MMO.

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