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Wot I Think: Don’t Shoot Yourself

I call this move

At their best Don’t Shoot Yourself’s early levels are a bullet hell of your own devising – a sometimes-chaotic mass of projectiles you must navigate for just long enough to earn your escape. At their worst they’re a crawl round the edges of a polygon as a ticker counts back to zero.

When you understand how Don’t Shoot Yourself [official site] works it’s easy to understand why this is the case.

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Primary Concern: Strategery 2012

Simply put, Strategery 2012: Right Makes Might interprets the Republican Primaries as Advance Wars and it’s a fine interpretation. I missed the first Presidential debate, having become all tuckered out watching America’s other pastime, and exulting in the thrilling and improbable conclusion to the A’s regular season. Now, having read the morning papers and opinion pieces aplenty, I’m glad I missed the debate. Winners, losers, boxing metaphors, body language, emotive reductions – so much said about the art of saying nothing that hasn’t already been said. Silverware’s vision of the Primaries as a battle for control is reductive too, but it’s also enjoyable and clever. The dialogue in particular is much less overtly comic than you might expect. And it’s free.