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Romancing Blood From The Stone: Sims 3 Expands

I'm hungry for a pyramint. I have no idea why.
We can hardly believe it ourselves. Electronic Arts are going to be releasing expansion packs for the Sims 3. No, really. The first is a pack where the expansions include expansion content. LIKE! visiting destinations like France, Egypt and China (CHINA! – RPS In-Gag No-One Else Gets Ed). In other words, it’s about traveling to famous real world locations. Which, at a stretch, makes this the Sims answer to Deus Ex. While a free 1000 points for the store sounds nice, the fact that there’s exclusive online content available at launch does sound like this is an expansion pack for which you need to buy other online content. Which, if true, is – er – impressive, even for EA. You’ll find the full press release beneath the cut, plus two more screenshots. Click through on ’em for the full-size versions. Sims 3: World Adventures will be available in November.

And… actually, while we’re talking, what expansion content would you like to see for the Sims 3?
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