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This Is The Modern World: Sims 3 Specs Up

Aiiee! 128Mb of video memory!

Stretching, yawning, RPS emerges from its brief hibernation, scrabbling through inboxes and RSS feeds in search of nutritious PC gaming info-nuggets. But is there much, if anything, for this small beast to feed upon in these desolate Winter weeks? It sniffs the ground disconsolately. There, a futile-looking Wii-style controller for PC. Here, a flight sim sequel. Satisfying to some, perhaps, but nothing of substance.

Aha! The shivering creature’s tired eyes finally catch a glimpse of something more fatted, juicier. It’s definitely a decent info-nugget – not the tastiest kind, but it will do. RPS takes a bite and finds…

Mmm. Official specs for the Sims 3.Yeah yeah, system spec stories are usually as invigorating as visiting Cumberland Pencil Musuem, but it’s different in The Sims’ case. Read the rest of this entry »

RPS-ish At-ish E3: Day 1, Part 2 – EA

Dear RPS Readers,

Thanks for the interested comments in response to my first post! They have warmed my heart and girded my loins for the rest of the week. Straight after filing my first report I had to dash (well, walk leisurely) across downtown Los Angeles to get to the EA press conference, held at the Orpheum Theatre – a truly gorgeous restored vaudeville theatre where they shot the theatre scenes for Last Action Hero. Which wasn’t as thrilling as accidentally ending up at Union Station (where they filmed the police station scenes for Blade Runner) yesterday, but interesting none the less. In a round about way that sort of sums up EA’s press conference, too. Not hugely thrilling, but unquestionably interesting.
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The Siiims

So happy. So perfect. Bastards.

Today is Sims-3-is-revealed-day. Which probably also means today is RPS-readers-complain-that-they-hate-
the-Sims-day, but I’m going to talk about it anyway. Don’t try to stop me.

Open world is the big thing, and with that comes less emphasis on the more monotous aspects of daily life, in favour of ever-changing social possibility. It’s the Sims as a freeform RPG. Or at least that’s the theory – and it’s certainly theory enough to reignite my long-dormant Sims enthusiasm.
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EA Confirms Sims 3

By a rather strange means, EA have confirmed the existence of Sims 3, with promises of more details to come soon.

The reaction at a party of Sims fans. Yesterday.

In a thread on a high-flying gaming industry forum, someone got hold of a list of Sims-related games due for 2008. Creative director of EA’s Sims studio in Redmond, Rod Humble, stepped in to clarify. After pointing out that the information wasn’t supposed to be in people’s hands yet, he states,

“We are actually launching less skus this year than last.

For the Sims 2 game there is no news apart from the wonderful Freetime (you can be a gamer in it for crying out loud, why do you hate gamers?). Thats it for the Sims 2 in terms of new stuff. For Sims 3 there will be new information soon.”

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