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Silly Loading Human Player, You Just BROKE EVERYTHING

Must... not... break... own... phone, but SO ANGRY

Having hands is deceptively hard work. I mean, think about it. Do you know any non-human entity who’s even remotely good at it? And don’t say monkeys. They touch their own poo. That in mind, I’m prepared to identify with the apparent plight of virtual reality showcase Loading Human‘s main character, who seems to have a particularly aggressive case of butterfingers. Perhaps this is because VR hand controllers are still extremely underdeveloped and awkward to use, but I prefer to think Loading Human will be the story of one person’s struggle to not GET REALLY MAD AND BREAK EVERYTHING.

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Heads Up: Loading Human Is An Oculus Rift Adventure

plot twist: you are dog.
Though the Oculus Rift won’t be able to let you live in a virtual world, it will have a game you can play about being a man reliving his life in a virtual world. That’s Loading Human’s concept: you are an obscure novelist dying of Alzheimer’s disease. You’ve been placed in a virtual world to essentially reboot yourself. The Rift will stick you in his memories, and the game will enable you to interact with the world, using external controllers to move your hands.
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