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“Size Doesn’t Matter” Day

I'm going to play Limbo sober one day. I'll probably like it more.

I learned through Quarter to Three that yesterday was Size Doesn’t Matter day where, organised by Jamie Cheng of Klei (Shank, Sugar Rush), a series of developers apologises to their partners for their ineffectual genitalia share their thoughts on the issue of what is “too small”, in terms of games. It’s been a theme in games discussion for a few years now, and seems to have been brought to a head by the few shadows cast on Limbo‘s generally triumphant reviews by people complaining it was “too short”. Which is silly. They should have complained it was just trial-and-error-nonsense with pretty graphics. Anyway, this lead to over 15 essays on the topic, which seem determined to precipitate the issue. Sample quotes plus links to all the ones I could find follow…
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