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Dress To Depress: Skirt Quest

I sure do love posting about Molyjam games that, er, skirted the quote-based rules of this year’s jam. Oh well, though. An interesting game is an interesting game, even when it hasn’t indirectly emerged from the constantly exposed braintubes of Peter Molyneux. The idea behind Skirt Quest is one I think everyone can identify with – no matter how infrequent your skirt-clad skips through the sunflower fields might be. The goal? To fit in at school. You do so by surreptitiously adjusting your skirt length to match that of other girls. Otherwise, they’ll gossip – some louder than others – and before long you’ll be reduced to a blubbering mess, leaking self-esteem into heaving crocodile tears. It’s a simple game, but one that captures just how brutal the judgment of your peers can be, especially for kids.

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