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Have You Played… The King Of Fighters XIII?

It's no secret that I like pretty fighting games like The King Of Fighters XIII. While I've never been as into SNK's style of fighting as I have Capcom's Street Fighter, the genre's shift away from hand-drawn sprites to 3D models has never appealed to me. It made Ken's hair look like a bunch of bananas, and that's a cardinal sin. It's sad, then, that…

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SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy fights onto PC next week

It's not uncommon for fighting games to make their way to PC these days, but I'm still a bit surprised to see SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy making the hop from consoles. It features most of the leading ladies from SNK's King Of Fighters, Samurai Showdown and Fatal Fury series's, plus Terry Bogard, who is apparently a girl now. It's a lighter, sillier affair than…

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Pow! The King of Fighters XIV hits PC

A sage said long ago, "3D comes for all men." We didn't understand because we didn't have computers, geometry, or numbers back then, but now it's clear they were foretelling the conversion of 2D video games into 3D. Fighting game series The King of Fighters tried to escape its fate by clinging to 2D when its rivals when 3D but ah, you can't run from…

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Kick! Punch! Patch! For King Of Fighters ’98 UMFE

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition may have launched on PC last week, but this week it might actually be worth your time, which is why I'm writing this here post about it. The revamp of the revamp of SNK's vintage fighting game was in a bit of a sorry state at launch, see, suffering problems including fiddly controls and shoddy netcode.…

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Run ‘N’ Fun: Metal Slug X On Steam

The 'X' in Metal Slug X does not stand for 10. No, the X stands for this is the nineties and everything is xtreme to the max. The Metal Slug part of the name, that stands for this is a game about running and jumping and shooting the heck out of everything. First released in 1999 on Neo Geo, the expanded version of Metal Slug…

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Metal Slug X, King Of Fighters 98 UM Coming To Steam

It was late last year that King of Fighters XIII appeared on Steam, and the 2D beat-'em-up must have done well for SNK Playmore, because they're bringing more games to Steam in the months ahead. First, classic 2D run-and-gun Metal Slug X is coming October 2nd, then King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is coming November, then King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match…

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