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Hold a VR puppet show with Pointless Puppets

All these so-called ‘experts’ have their hot takes on what virtual reality means for cinema, for video games, for education, and for using a 360° endoscope to crawl around inside your own body, yet these Albert flipping Frankensteins have all missed the obvious medium: what about VR and puppetry? Thankfully, Estella Tse and Chris Gallello have this covered. They’ve released Pointless Puppets [Itch page], an adorable VR game turning your cyberwands into puppets. Look at this: Read the rest of this entry »

It Only Gets Weirder: Socks Incorporated

This is the direction I'm taking this site in.

Oh dear, I unleashed something. Posting yesterday about the intriguing project City Of Epic – the RPG that has you going outside and doing exercise – I discovered a doorway that leads to other games that involve leaving your house. The first one I’ve found is about sock puppets. No, really. Socks Incorporated looks every kind of mad. Take a look. In fact, play it – it’s free!

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