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Only An L Short Of Infamy: Sonder


Edit – fixed video

How awful of me to immediately force this Choices In Space game to be compared to the notoriously broken SOLDNER. It’s like I’m accusing Sonder of being rubbish before we know anything about it. I’m not doing that, I promise, the name’s just unfortunate. Here, let me make up for this insult by bestowing upon the game’s excellent announcement trailer RPS’s prestigious ‘Best Use Of The Alan Parsons Project On A Tuesday Morning’ Award.
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Glory Be! Söldner Is Free!

Oh, what a happy day it is!

EDIT: Oops – we broke their website. We’ll update when it’s alive again. It’s back!

UPDATE: You can download the game, for free, from here.

Oh my goodness, I have no idea how this news has taken five days to reach me, but by golly thank goodness it finally has. Söldner, one of the most buggy and hilarious games of all time, is now completely free! Get it. Get it NOW.

Known as the Söldner (Marine Corps) Community Edition, the multiplayer game has been overhauled by the people, and released a genuinely free (as in, not “free-to-play”) edition. Which might be great. But that’s not the bit I’m interested in.

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Eurogamer: Soldner Retrospective


My love for Soldner is real and weird. The most bugged game I’ve encountered (while Boiling Point’s bugs were extraordinary, it was at least a decent game underneath), it plays like slapstick comedy with an unbreakably straight face. I returned to it, playing the completely unpatched original version, and sticking to the single player (I did try to play some multiplayer later, but of course it didn’t work), to see if it would deliver the joy years on. It, of course, did. You can read my adventures here.

There’s a quote from it below, as it’s a bit long.

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