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Space MMORTS Starborne is now in open beta

Not much to do for the next ten weeks? You might fancy a go on Starborne, a multiplayer real-time strategy game with thousands of players in each weeks-long match. After five years of alpha testing, today it launched into open beta and wants you to come have a poke. Our Sin had a go on a Starborne alpha last year and called it "a calmer…

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Feature: Stumble in the void

Starborne is a calmer kind of multiplayer space skulduggery

It's been six weeks since I started my space empire. I've gone from the one-thousand-and-somethingth strongest player to an agonising 102nd. My territory spans nine space stations and two sectors, my ships number in the tens of thousands, and I have put enough of my spare (spare!) resources into an alliance project to start building a Dyson sphere.Yet somehow, I don't really know what I'm…

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4X MMO Starborne has opened a new server for alpha testing

Starborne, the fledgling grand strategy MMO by Reykjavik-based Solid Clouds, has just opened its fourth server to new players. The last one filled up within a few days so now is the time to dive in if you're curious.I compared it to Neptune's Pride crossed with EVE Online a few weeks back, and that's both accurate and misleading. It's vastly less stressful and treacherous than…

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