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Posts tagged “someone-more-mad-than-us”

Team Fortress 2 Cosplay

You've already seen the Portal Halloween costume - now here's the Team Fortress 2 one (click pic to embiggen). Extramegoultra bonus points for actually fricking building the Heavy's gun.Big thanks to Thiefsie for sending it over. Its original source has been located here, where you'll find a bunch of other images of Janvitos and his RED chums.Update: and Thiefsie follows up his find with this…

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PopCap And Portal, Sitting In A Tree

We received an excellent email from PopCap employee Anthony Coleman, showing us his Halloween costume.Which really is rather extraordinary.He explains,"I made this over the past few nights out of ~85 square feet of ½ inch thick foam board. It is split horizontally into an upper and lower section. I had to do this so I could get it out of my house and fit it…

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