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2016 GotY Devil Daggers summoned on GOG


Our favourite game of 2016, Devil Daggers, has escaped the shackles of Steam and is now sold on GOG too. It’s not of this world, a brutal score attack arena FPS which swarms with skulls and communicates by roars, hisses, and wibbles. If you’re particular about storefronts and have been holding out, get stuck in. Even if you’re not into the idea of an intense score attack arena shooter, £3 to fill your ears and eyes with a game which looks and sounds like no other isn’t half-bad. And if you have to play Devil Daggers intensely to improve enough to reach its best sights and sounds, well, so be it. Read the rest of this entry »

These Devil Daggers mods are a great reason to head back to hell


Devil Daggers turned two last month, so I went looking for ways to celebrate. What’s the world record by now, I wondered? In this hellscape of an arena shooter in which most people struggle to get past the 60 second mark, someone’s managed to last an utterly flabbergasting 18 and a half minutes. That video awaits below, but more exciting still is my round up of the best Devil Daggers mods.

Yep, those are a thing! If you’re hoping for new enemies or weapons, I should probably nip those expectations in the bud: nobody’s made Devil Badgers just yet. For the most part, all these do is mix up the enemy spawns. If this were any other shooter that might not be all that interesting, but which enemies appear and when defines Devil Daggers to such an extent that these mods almost feel like different games.

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RPS Advent Calendar, Dec 24th: Devil Daggers

Here we are at last. What was the best game of 2016? What was the best hell of 2016? It’s the same game. It’s behind the final door of the RPS Advent Calendar, which lists our favourite games from across the year…

It’s Devil Daggers!

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Devil Daggers Summons New Skulls, Top-Down Replays

New satanskulls are now roaming the darkness of Devil Daggers [official site], thanks to an update launched today. Along with new enemies, the ‘V3′ update has added a top-down viewing mode for replays, which makes the FPS’s arena shoot ’em up stylings even clearer. It’s both cool to look at and helpful, as finally I can learn about the horrors I only ever hear behind me. Also new: a Linux version.

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The RPS Summer Games: Devil Daggers

The last of the high-score events on the RPS Summer Games schedule is Devil Daggers [official site]. A glorious first person arena shooter with a graphical style determined to catapult us back into the nineties. I admired it from afar when it came out, but around half the staff got really competitive, sneaking off for “email” breaks which coincided with a “so-and-so is playing Devil Daggers Steam notification. Now it’s time to see if those snatched minutes of training have paid dividends…

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Dark Gift: Devil Daggers Adds New Enemies, Mac Version

It’s been almost one day since we last posted about Devil Daggers [official site] and I agree with you: that is too long. And since then, developers Sorath have released a major update for the arena survival FPS. It brings two new enemy variants and fresh new leaderboards to accompany them, a field of view slider, a Mac version, and new ways for cackling skulls to become even more intimate with your ears. All this is good.

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Satanic Savings: Devil Daggers Is Steam’s Daily Deal

We’re awfully fond of Devil Daggers [official site] round here, full of quivering praise for the hellish arena survival shooter and in awe of how good some players are. It’s a flipping great video game. But I know some of y’all have reservations – dear, sweet, naive reservations – about a leaderboard-climbing FPS with one mode and one level, and might have looked for it in the Steam summer sale. It wasn’t there. But it is now today’s Steam daily deal with a wee discount. You’ve gotta see these satans.

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Devil Daggers’ New World Record Is Out of This World

If the rest of us keep struggling to surpass the 90 seconds mark, it’s because Devil Daggers [official site] wasn’t made for me, or for you. It was made for them. Governmental agencies the world over are keeping track of the leaderboards, to identify the first humans to develop super-human abilities and try to contain them before they become self-conscious. Before it’s too late.

And now DraQu is once again at the top of that list of names, and he’s being kept under strict surveillance by all the competent authorities. He had already claimed the world record before, but after being surpassed by “weaksauce13” he felt the need to reclaim the spot. Let’s watch his 612 seconds run.

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This Is What Being Top Of The Leaderboard In Devil Daggers Looks Like

Devil Daggers is brilliant, as Adam explained in his review. It’s a first-person arena shooter with shades of Quake. Part of its appeal is that it doesn’t explain anything about how it’s overlapping enemies and few systems work, meaning each life and death is a process of discovery. Another part of its appeal, however, is that you can press a button on its leaderboard and instantly be watching the replay of that person’s session.

That means you can watch stages of the game far beyond where you’ve reached. They feel a little like spoilers, but they’re also ways to learn and a big part of the reason why I’m enjoying the game. It’s exciting to watch excellent in action. Which is why I’ve recorded the replay of the best time in the world and embedded it below, for you to watch if you so choose.

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Wot I Think: Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers [official site] is a mystery to me. It’s an arena of grinding bones and rattling insectoid limbs that I experience in 30-60 second bursts. I probably average around 45-50 seconds. That’s survival time for an entire playthrough, which is also the metric by which the game ranks players on its leaderboard. Alice has topped two minutes, which leads me to believe she has sold her soul to the devil daggers. How else to explain such longevity?

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Not Of This World: Devil Daggers Launching This Month

“Ah, man, I don’t know how to start this Devil Daggers post,” I grumbled in the RPS treehouse earlier. “I am excited about this game in a way I’m not usually. I often get excited by ‘oh yeah, this game does that thing I like in a good way’ but this is… it’s in my guts, man.” Solution: quote that watercooler muttering and roll from there.

Devil Daggers [official site] is an arcade FPS which may have parts familiar from ’90s shooters but as a whole feels like nothing I’ve seen (or heard!) before. Now it has a release date and my guts, man, my guts.

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