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Will There Ever Be A Space Game I Want To Play?

I have always wanted a space game to play. The boundless stretches, galaxies to explore, the awe-inspiring magic of flying a spaceship – the concept sings to me like a siren. And yet, as I wade gleefully into the waters to follow the source of that melody, I drown every single time. Every single time the game is a mad mess of fiddling and worrying and menus and doing taxes and buying ore and achingly annoying combat of flying in crazed circles trying to get to an angle from which I can shoot spaceships that seem always able to shoot at me. Every single time it’s a chore, not a pleasure. It’s space shopping. I flat-out don’t want space shopping.

Yesterday Graham said I should look at last November’s Rebel Galaxy [official site], because it was from some of the Torchlight team. I remind myself of the screenshots, and say to him, “Is it strategy, Graham? IS IT?” He promises me it isn’t. So, is this the space game for me?

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Albion The Bridge: X Rebirth

The whole thing is full of canned food
When X Rebirth was announced back in April, there wasn’t a huge amount of information to ponder so it seemed natural to expect something similar to previous games in the series. Turns out that while there will still be a great deal of piloting and trading, some things have indeed changed. The most significant shift is the focus to one ship, The Pride of Albion, which is upgradeable and customisable but cannot be switched out for a different vessel. In a forum post outlining some details about the game, Bernd Lehahn pre-empted the horror of the fanbase: “But before you get upset and complain about the lack of freedom to steer other ships, WAIT”. Are you waiting? Because that command was capitalised. OK, now click.

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Born Again – X: Rebirth Announced

I wish I found space shopping games as fun as I find them pretty.

Fans of the X series? Awake from your comas – the series is back with the freshly announced X: Rebirth. There’s four images, too. And a trailer!

I know there are mixed opinions of the space shopping X games (no skateboarding jokes, please), but really no one is in any position to disagree with their having named the first game’s expansion pack, “X-Tension”. Really, let’s all stop and just clap at our monitors for a moment.

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