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Into The Vasty Deep: Elite Dangerous

I spent most of the weekend playing the magnificent Distant Worlds: Universe (many words on that tomorrow) and it’s left me feeling like a claustrophobic sardine – craving more space. Thankfully, Elite: Dangerous is on-hand with a new development diary in the form of Captain Braben talking to camera while the cosmos occurs in the background. Elite is already an exciting game and most of the features that I associate with the series haven’t even been integrated yet. Hot laser dogfights are peachy keen though. The new video shows interstellar exploration and the devilish details that mark the enormity of the game world.

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Troubled Space: Contested Space Releases Demo

Are you suffering from space fatigue, internet? Have you had this year’s fill of laser beams tearing through hulls, venting oxygen and assorted organics into space? Are you somewhat tired of torpedoes, rockets and missiles? Perhaps that would explain the hardships facing Contested Space, the charmingly low-poly combat space sim Adam posted about a few weeks ago. Its aim is to start as a simple combat game with territorial mechanics, something akin to the very basics of Eve’s nullsec system, and then evolve into something systemy-er if its popularity is large enough.

To begin with it was after $26,000 and after a strong start looked sure to make it. It levelled off very quickly though, and now its future seems unsure, with a scant four days to go. Sole developer Matthew Haralovich has released a lot of content (including a demo) since our initial look, and you can check it all out below.

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