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Time-bending action-adventure Omensight is out today, and today, and today

Here is a list of reasons for why I'm strongly considering taking a break from a game I'm really enjoying, so that I can play Omensight (which just came out) instead. It's about re-living the day of the apocalypse and attempting to stop it by solving a murder. You solve that murder by following different characters, manipulating them, then allying with or fighting them based…

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Time-looping hack n’ slasher Stories: The Path of Destinies is free today

It is apparently a good week to not spend money on games. Not only is The Flame in The Flood still gratis via Humble, but the similarly delicious-looking cartoon action-adventure Stories: The Path of Destinies by Spearhead Games is currently free on Steam. Grab it now, keep it forever and play it a whole bunch of times because this one is built for the long-haul,…

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