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Freeware Garden: Teddy Tea Leaf

Teddy is the yellow thing.

Do you remember how the awkward controls enhanced the atmosphere of ZX81 classic 3D Monster Maze? Well, probably not, but you can happily find out just how effectively tense controlling Teddy Tea Leaf via your keyboard’s Q,A,O and P keys can be by, shockingly, actually playing the thing.

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Freeware Garden: The Midnight Station

The mythical tax return; it never really existed.

I hadn’t really noticed this until now, but the ZX Spectrum had the ability to make everything look a bit spooky. I’m convinced that this colour-clash was the initial inspiration for the whole glitch movement, though you’d be better off ignoring me and just downloading The Midnight Station. You’ll see what I mean.

The Midnight Station, a post-Speccy Jam offering sporting a distinctively ’80s palette, is a weird game both in the way it looks and the way it plays. It’s an interdimensional action-RPG with horror elements, in which you play as a sentient mask forged from humankind’s collective soul following the obligatory and probably unavoidable apocalypse.

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Speccy Jam Revives Spectrum Games In A Week

Look at all those lovely colours! At least five.

I know people often feel fatigued by the resurgence of 8-bit and 16-bit art styles, but there’s still not enough games aiming to revive the vibrant colours and sharp edges of old Spectrum games. The Speccy Jam aims to change that. As reported by, a week of toiling has created more than twenty games almost all of which are playable in your browser.
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