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Shoal Survivor: Saving A Species In Lumini

My awesome shoalI honestly have no idea how Lumini [official site] ended up on my PC but last night I found it in my “Oddities” folder alongside a number of other alpha, pre-alpha and demo bits and bobs. It turned out to be a restful flying fish experience – a hint of a puzzler-to-be pervaded but mostly I just enjoyed the exploration and movement.

Lumini are a little shoal of fish-like creatures, although their flappy side fins make them look more like fishbirds. According to developers, Speelbaars, you need to protect and evolve them to ensure the survival of their species. By collecting little motes of light and depositing them at crystal collection points you get to bolster or restock the shoal. That’s useful because if you swim into anything red – spiky crystalline surfaces, porcupine-y sea slugs, weird fungal flowers that spit spores – it can kill off some of your Lumini.

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