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Wot I Think: Pan-Pan

Pan-Pan [official site] is a short, extremely sweet “open-plain” puzzle game of exploration and widget retrieval, from one-man development team Spelkraft. It’s also a game that charges £2 for its own manual as paid-for DLC. Here’s wot I think:

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Pan-Pan Looks to Be A Charming Puzzle Adventure

Pan-Pan [official site] could very well be the perfect light and breezy end to the lazy summer months–it’s got a colorful open world and oodles of atmosphere, all set off with an ambient soundtrack reminiscent of something you’d hear at the planetarium. Pan-Pan is a collaboration between publisher Might and Delight and Swedish developer Spelkraft (Emil Berner to some). Might and Delight has created a number of games in delightful environments, and Pan-Pan looks to be following in that tradition.

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