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Gulag Ork-esta: Gothic 4 Released

A real man, yesterday.

Hold onto your hat/kettle helmet/spangenhelm! Gothic 4, aka ArcaniaA: Gothic 4, has been released on European direct download sites. North Americans will have to wait until the 19th (EDIT: Turns out NA residents can get it now on GamersGate), and I’m not sure about the rest of the world. As I type this I am imagining some furious Mexican RPS fan throwing his morning tequila sour out of the window. So it goes.

Cautious readers should know that Alec’s Wot I Think of Gothic 4 will be with us shortly, and that there’s a demo out. Impulsive, spendthrift readers can probably decide whether they want Gothic 4 based on the latest trailer, which can be found below.
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Getting Kobold: Arcania: Gothic 4 E3 Trailer

One day a serial killer is going to be found, and when asked why he did it, he'll say 'I did it to get the XP. They were full of XP'.

So, Gothic 4 trailer, then? I’m ten seconds into this before the voice-over mentions – without any visible trace of irony – “an island under attack by an ancient evil”. I can imagine the debate in the Spellbound office – “Isn’t this completely clichéd nonsense?” “No – you see, this is an island under attack from an ancient evil. Not a land, country, world, etc, etc. We’re actually the new Planescape Torment we’re being that original” “Wait… how big is this island? Because a lot of islands are tiny. Are we talking Australia or are we talking the Isle of Man? Some Islands would be threatened by the average rowdy stag-do.” “Stop worrying! We’re golden! And we’re called ArcaniA! That’s some original typography right there, man.”
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