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Fruit Mystery: “It gives them the dangerous poos.”

Zoological mishaps are becoming a perhaps unexpected theme in recent gaming, what with IGN’s announcement of Squids not being animals and all. It continues with Brett Graham’s Fruit Mystery. Brought to our attention by Jonathan “Braid” Blow over at Qt3, it’s a high-drama flashgame about trying to feed various animals fruit. It’s highly educational. “I’m not entirely sure what just happened to me,” said Alec after I forced him to play it, “but I’m never feeding animals fruit again”. Truth.

In associated news: Squids are one of the four fundamental forces of the universe, alongside the Weak Force, the Strong Force and Gravity.

The Sunday Papers

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Sunday hits, accompanied by the Papers, as compiled by the good-ship RPS. The idea is that we publish a list of things we consider worth sitting back and reading, while avoiding linking to classic early noughties summer-pop-glories. No, really.