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STALKER: War Of The Mods

Get away from my pixel shaders

The original, ever-seminal STALKER’s longevity is impressive – the fan/mod community just keep on jiggery-pokering it to astonishing effect. Perhaps it’s a result of the game’s singular gestation – so much content and concepts from its long development jettisoned for the final release, and a superficially wobbly engine positively bubbling with power and potential once the surface muck was wiped away. It is and always will be an important moment in PC gaming, and I’m starting to wonder if it might be becoming almost a weird sci-fi cousin to the original Operation Flashpoint: a game that’s, over time, redesigned so thoroughly by its community that the original form is almost forgotten.

First STALKER’s community needs to join hands and sing It’s A Small World, though – for instance, there are two competing projects for the status of ULTIMATE STALKER MOD…
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