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SWTOR: A Short Time Before ME3 In A Galaxy Next Door

Superhappytopchums who are too tight to subscribe, assemble!

Mass Effect 3 is still a day away in the US and four days away in the UK (unless you happen to know of some way to make your PC’s IP address appear to based in Hong Kong, in which case you could play the game right now) but we are left with another option if we’re craving immediate Biowarian intergalactic adventures. If you don’t have a subscription to Star Wars: The Old But Mysteriously Similar To The New Republic but know someone who does, you could be in luck. Starting tomorrow is the Friends Trial, which means subs can invite in chums for a week of free play and access to everything the game contains up until level 15.

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Interview: BioWare’s James Ohlen On SWTOR

Pleeeeease fix the camera, he's saying.

James Ohlen is a senior creative director at BioWare, and has spent the last six years working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. We spoke to him to find out how he thinks the launch has gone, how the game is being received, and what we can expect to see in the first update, due next week.

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SWTOR Updates: Lots Of Juicy Info

Next week’s update for Star Wars: The Old Republic is to be called Rise Of The Rakghouls, and plans to add some major new content to the game, focusing on story-heavy features. Senior Creative Director James Ohlen explained to us in an interview we’re posting very soon that along with “a lot of bug fixes and modifications”, there would be the titular new story-focused flashpoint, as well as expanding Karagga’s Palace to have five times as many bosses (five). And this is just the first of many updates they’re already working on. March promises a new planet, warzone, operation, guild banks… And then there’s the updates they’re already working on for next year. You can see the accompanying trailer below.

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SWTOR’s First Big Patch Incoming

This is what it looks like when a game gets patched.

For all the grumbles you may have read, Star Wars: The Old Republic is undoubtedly one of the most remarkably complete and solid MMO releases we’ve seen so far. It’s where most MMOs get in about six months. And this patch adds more content. But there are still things to fix, and the first major patch (ie. one that doesn’t just remove an exploit) is due very soon. In fact, as Eurogamer point out it’s been released on the test servers, which means we know what’s in it.

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Let The Wookiee Waltz – SWTOR’s God-Cheat

Luke Skywalker does a safety dance

Taptaptap. Is this thing on? One, two, one two. Hello mum. One two. Two. Two. Two. And she’s buyyyyyyyying a stairway to heavennnnnnnnnn. One two, one two. Okay, 2012 is go!

I’ve occasionally wondered what it would have been like had RPS been around back when World of Warcraft first launched. The excitement, the moaning about queues and bugs and griefers and customer support, the mad little adventures in a new world. SWTOR offers a taste of what might have been, though the deep familiarity of EA’s MMO means RPS as a whole hasn’t been able to conjure the drooling desperation to play that we had for WoW back in the day. I am quite sure, however, that we would have found all sorts of things like this to post about – an exploit that keeps your character safe from harm if you can activate a safety dance in time.
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SWTOR Ilum Bans Were Real, Nuanced

For some reason this image amuses me greatly.

Well this is all jolly interesting. Remember the story about Star Wars: The Old Republic banning a player because he’d been to Ilum at too low a level, and been looting the containers? And remember how it looked pretty dodgy, and was probably a fake? Well here’s the thing: it wasn’t. It was real. But, as you might imagine, there were a few details missed out.

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SWTOR Ban For High Level Looting? Unlikely

Are there demons in there?

Oh goodness me, can this really be true? A pic of an email is circulating this morning purporting to be a communication from EA, informing a player that their account has been banned from playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, because their character visited, and looted within, a high level area. Because, they say, this violates their terms of service. If this proves to be the case, and that’s purely the reason, it may be the most ridiculous EA ban yet. However, there are a lot of reasons to assume it’s either a fake, or things are a lot more complicated. Take a look.

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On Being Evil In Star Wars: The Old Republic

All evil people have purple electricity coming out of them.

Ever since I became the Bastard Of The Old Republic, I’ve found it an awful lot easier to delve into the crueller side of gaming choices. So it is that I’ve chosen to spend my time with Star Wars: The Old Republic as a Sith. And not some stupid do-gooding Sith who just happened to be born on the wrong side of the galaxy. I mean a Sith, cruel for the sake of being cruel, delighting in mindlessly murdering innocents and needlessly upsetting everyone I meet. And in the game. And in doing so, I’m discovering that making an entire race of baddies is a pretty tricky challenge.

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The Old Republic Really Loves Queues


Edit: Turns out you can’t redeem codes anyway, as that’s broken at the moment. A lot of players are a touch upset that their 30 days free with the game aren’t actually accessible until you enter payment details to pay for the next month.

Aaaand now my patience has run out. As if the extensive hours-long queues to get in to play Star Wars: The Old Republic weren’t frustrating enough (that’s if the game’s online to let you play, of course), now BioWare/EA’s infrastructure can’t cope with people trying to visit their website. I have never, in my life, ever seen a queue to visit a website before. Yet that’s the position I’m in, trying to enter a code so I can carry on playing the bloody game. A queue I can’t seem to win at.

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Why Is SWTOR Down During Europe’s Day?

But... but it's morning!

Fancy a game of Star Wars: The Old Republic? Well tough, because the servers are all down this morning until 12pm, for scheduled maintenance work. And this isn’t the first time. In what appears to be a very strange decision for such a high profile game, European servers are all being taken offline for hours during the daytime, for a game that’s only just launched. And even more strange – doing this takes down the entire website too, meaning anyone wanting to say, learn about the game, can’t. And then you notice this is an international thing, and Europe starts to look a little unloved.

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BioWare: SWTOR Queues Are Here To Stay

This is me. Come say hi!

We at RPS know what it’s like to be too popular. Unable to walk from our Limousines to the exclusive clubs and restaurants we frequent without being assaulted by mobs of screaming, frantic fans, we completely understand the challenge it offers. And BioWare/EA are discovering the same with Star Wars: The Old Republic. The queues: they are long.

Which is a bit of a shame in your first week. With queues for servers sometimes stretching to over two hours, it is a bit offputting. And BioWare are warning it’s not going to get better soon.

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Somehow Released: The Old Republic

Something something than you could possibly something something

Today’s the day, then. The day the world finally discovers if EA’s long-gestating, mega-hyped Star Wars MMO is KOTOR 3+, WoW in space, Galaxies without the madness, a Wookiee or a Jawa, a winner or a loser, an Empire Strikes Back or a Phantom Menace, a Sarlaac or a Hutt. (I don’t even know which of those is better). Many John Walkers died to bring us thoughts on the game, which we hope to have next week. I too have a copy I plan to look at as soon as humanly/wookieely possible, though I’ve been too busy breaking my beloved record player today to get started as yet.

So, who’s in, who’s out, who’s Light side, who’s Dark side, who’s loving it, who’s hating it and who’s going to waste everyone’s time by posting ‘meh’ and having it silently deleted a few seconds later? Also, below is an eight-minute ‘launch documentary’, which is a fancy way of saying ‘advert.’ Warning: it seems to auto-play, which I can’t work out how to stop. Sorry.
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Not So Far, Far Away: The Old Republic

This could be you, in less than a week!

If you’re one of the lucky ones able to access your Origin account, and you’ve pre-ordered The Old Republic, you’ll be pleased to learn you’re going to get access to it a week early. Which is in five days! Five days! Coo lummee – it feels like this game’s been in development for over a thousand years. I’ve certainly been to a thousand preview events. And it’s any pre-order that gets you early access, not just one of the fancy special editions. You also get 30 days of “free” play (I love the idea that it’s free, after you’ve just spent £30 on the game), before the tithing begins at £9 a month (with discounts for buying in lumps).

“That’s No MMO…”: Kotick On SWTOR

Seems like the Activision bossman thinks that Electronic Arts aren’t going to be printing spacebucks with their forthcoming Star Wars MMO, and said as much to his investors. As reported over here by Reuters, Kotick poured scepticism onto the up and coming MMO, saying: “Lucas is going to be the principal beneficiary of the success of Star Wars. We’ve been in business with Lucas for a long time and the economics will always accrue to the benefit of Lucas, so I don’t really understand how the economics work for Electronic Arts.” He went on to say “”If you look at the history of the people investing in an MMO and achieving success, it’s a small number.” And his company are, of course, one of that number, and must be a little nervous about possibly losing subscribers to the enormous Star Wars project. EA, meanwhile, claim that SWTOR will be a success if it hits just 500k subscribers, a figure that looks to be well within their reach.

Are You Likely To Choose Jedi Consular?

Do not underestimate the sneaky-sneaky. Right, who's going to get wound up about an Adam Sandler quote?

Given the choice between being a Jedi Knight (nahyt) n. a mounted soldier serving under a feudal superior in the Middle Ages, and a Jedi Consular (kon-suhl) n. an official appointed by the government of one country to look after its commercial interests and the welfare of its citizens in another country, it seems hard to imagine why anyone would choose boring Mr. Government for Star Wars: The Old Republic. But the video below attempts to show you why melee lightsabre combat might be something worth avoiding in favour of making people dangle in the air like twits. And the sneaky-sneaky.

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SWTOR Beta Weekend Is Next Weekend

She's giving away keys with her mind.

You know how we’re giving away 12,000 beta keys for a weekend of Star Wars: The Old Republic? (There are still a few left, although not many – you need to claim yours before Friday at midnight – go here for all the details.) (Well, not all the details, or there’d be no reason for this post.) We finally have a date for it. It’s the weekend after this one. Things kick off on the 25th Nov, and come to an end on the following Monday, 28th. So there you go.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Giveaway

Register a beta account you will.

Would you like to play Star Wars: The Old Republic for a whole weekend? For free? See, I thought you would. EA plan a free server-stress-testing weekend in the very near future (they haven’t quite nailed down which weekend it will be yet, oddly enough), and we have 12,000 keys to give away. No, I typed that right. Twelve thousand. It’s first come, first served, and we recommend you click below right away before the rest of the internet gets wind of this.

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Hands On: The Old Republic – Part One

Stop hurting my droid!

I’ve had access to The Old Republic for the last couple of weeks. Which is good. Below is the first of a series of articles I’m going to write about it, thinking about different aspects, and playing as different Republic classes. Today it’s Jedi Knight, and just how it is that BioWare’s moral choices and quest styles fit into a massively multiplayer world.

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SW:TOR Recognises There Are No Oceans

Yeah, you think you look cool, but you look a bit of a twerp.

When twas announced that Star Wars: The Old Republic was releasing on the 22nd December in Europe, people stared at the screen and mumbled, “But… Christmas?” Admittedly it was only slightly louder mumbling than that from America, where the given date was the 20th. An odd choice, presumably trying to capture that elusive, “I hate my family” market, but one that’s at least been made slightly less odd by bringing them together. Us EU types will now be seeing the game on the same day as you US types, which both acknowledges that there are no oceans on the internet, and that people might want to get to level 15 before Santa arrives. How do we know this? Joystiq told us so. We’ll have lots of lovely new SW:TOR info for you in a few days.