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Overwatch’s DeathHamster uses grappling hook to break players; game

He came in like a... well, what would you call it? A spherical distruption? No... but that's close... Anyhowdy, there's a new little furball in action amidst the unending battle nightmare of Overwatch. Hammond the Hamster pilots a gigantic murder-mech of his own design, built from the escape pod he used to flee an evil science lab. Wrecking Ball is the most innovative and wacky…

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Overwatch’s Hammond revealed as mecha death hamster (and he’s live on the PTR server right now)

Update: Looks like Blizzard got the ball rolling quickly on this one. Shortly after revealing new Overwatch hero Hammond the Hamster's true nature as a diminutive spider-tank pilot in a brief teaser video, they rolled the little fuzzball out on the public test servers so you can try him out in combat right now. They also released origin story and developer update videos (watch within),…

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