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Fableulous: Folk Tale’s Silly Sandbox City Building

I picked this screenshot in part to highlight Folk Tale's impressive ground-level camera option that really backs up its RPG elements, but mostly because COWWWWWWS.

I am legitimately surprised we didn’t spotlight Folk Tale sooner. It looks like a marvelously ambitious fantasy city-builder – featuring fully explorable building/dungeon interiors and an adventure-focused RPG component – with some admirably silly humor to boot. That’s right up our alley, but I checked every stylishly steamy manhole cover and dumpster full of unfinished game diaries I could find, and all I discovered was an offhand namedrop in a Greenlight update. Weird. Now, however, it is time to right that most grievous of wrongs with eight minutes of sensually revealing gameplay footage. Developer Games Foundry even installed a polite narrator man to explain it all to you. Build a bridge past the break to see the whole thing – but only if you consider it a fiscally responsible architectural decision.

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