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Bigger Picture: Valve Hardware Beta To Begin Next Year

Valve's designing its own hardware. This has been known - in various forms - for quite some time. But, more and more, it sounds like Gabe Newell's mighty lair in the (kinda occasionally) frigid wastes of Bellevue, Washington is converting into full-on Santa's magical toy shop mode. Admittedly, wearable computing's still the stuff crazy future fever dreams are made of, but in the meantime, Valve's…

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You Can Try Out Steam’s Big Picture Mode Right Now

It's here! It's finally here! After ages of waiting, I thought all hope was lost. I figured we'd have to keep viewing Steam on the humblest of screens: magnifying-glass-worthy monitors, puny laptops, screen doors. But now - after having its arrival heralded by semi-obscure videogame publication The New York Times - Big Picture's open to everyone. Granted, it's still technically in beta, so you'll have…

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Casting The Couch: Steam’s Big Picture Beta Out Today

Tendrils of Steam are preparing to spread throughout homes across the world. With all the talk and rumours of wearable computers, a Steam OS and anything with a '3' in the title, it's been easy to forget about The Big Picture. With an interface designed for television screens, Big Picture will transfer the Steam library to your living room, "or anywhere there’s a big screen",…

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