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Steam News Hub shows posts from your favourite quirky PC gaming websites now

Steam Labs' News Hub experiment has been in the works since March, but now it's nearly finished. In a big update before its full launch, you're now able to see news and articles from your favourite delightful and quirky PC gaming websites. Previously, the News Hub was limited to developer updates from games you play and follow, but now there's a selection of other sources…

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Steam introducing optional chat filters for profanity and slurs

Valve plan to add optional profanity filters to Steam Chat, and it'll also be able to filter language in games which use Steam's own chat system. If you want to block effing, jeffing, and slurs, you'll be able to fiddle with a load of settings and filters to add and remove words and otherwise fine-tune your chat civility. If you don't want to filter chat,…

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Community Recommendations are officially part of Steam now and they’re sure something

Valve have been down in the Steam Labs workshop for a year now brewing up ways for folks to more efficiently spend money in their store. Some experiments have been bust, others have gotten the stamp of approval and been shipped off as fully-fledged features. The Community Recommendations whereby you can see user reviews by all sorts of folks you don't know, is graduating today.…

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Steam now recommends which games you should play next

Not sure what to play next from your vast and frankly decadent collection of unplayed games? The Steam client now has a built-in helpful/patronising selection of recommendations waiting for you. Valve added the 'Play Next' shelf to the Steam Library in an update last night. Mine most recommends I play Dark Souls 3 next and god, I know, okay.

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Steam Labs’ new experiment tries to solve the tagging problem

Steam Labs is back with another experiment and this time Valve are attempting to solve discrepancies in human communication with computers. You know how Steam do. Humans can't ever seem to agree on how to classify games. What exactly is a "soulslike"? How about a roguelike or a roguelike-like? Is Stardew Valley a simulation? Not really, but we call it one. Steam is teaching its…

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Valve have improved Steam’s search with new filters

Valve have introduced some new features to improve the Steam store search function. It basically boils down to putting a bunch of fields in so you can better filter what you're looking for. Now whenever you use the search bar, you'll have some options down the side so you can narrow your searches by price, genre tag, whether it's single player or multiplayer, and so…

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Steam can now tell you what to play next from your backlog

Valve's latest experimental Steam feature is Play Next. It's designed to recommend games for you to play from what you already own, based on what you've played before. It only recommends stuff you haven't played, so if you're one of those people that buys games and forgets about them it's a pretty good reminder of what you've got waiting for you in your library.My Play…

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Valve say they addressed 44 “review bombs” on Steam last year

As with last year, Valve have posted a look back at all of the changes to Steam in 2019 with a brief look ahead to 2020 squeezed in at the end. There are plenty of features you may or may not remember being added to Steam last year, among them changes to User Reviews. Valve claims they have utilized the new system for excluding anomalous…

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Steam Labs revs up two new recommendation engines

Steam's been a bit of a naff place for finding new games for a long time now. The boffins down at Valve Headquarters seem to agree, too - over two months into their experimental Steam Labs projects, we're seeing the gang at Bellevue throwing plenty of ideas at the wall. The Automatic Show might still be absolute pants, and Micro Trailers is more satisfying as…

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Steam’s new update will make your game recommendations more diverse

Steam has just gotten a meaty new update which is introducing some major changes to its mysterious discovery algorithm, along with a few bug fixes. The idea is to make game recommendations about more than simply what's popular, tweaking the Recommendation Feed, "More Like This" tag, and the "Recommended for You" sections of the store to allow for a little more precision and a lot…

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You can now tell Valve’s Steam Labs recommendations to ignore games you regret playing

It's been almost a month since Valve kicked off their Steam Labs project. It must be an odd kind of lab to work in, the rare one that gets consistent funding and the boffins are free to tinker on whatever they want. What they want, it turns out, is to fill their store with even more robots. Getting them into video editing, turn them into…

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Twitter’s Microtrailers, the funnest way to follow Steam releases, is back

The best way to experience Steam's torrent of new releases is @microtrailers, a Twitter bot which indiscriminately tweets about (most) launches with cut-down six-second versions of their trailers. With no curation and no adaptive algorithm, it gives a raw look at the range of modern games, the big-budget alongside the no-budget, the flashy alongside the plain, the serious war game alongside the horny anime puzzle…

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Valve’s launch Steam Labs, a collection of experimental new store features

Almost eight years after Google shut down their experimental feature showcase, Google Labs, Valve have rolled out their own take on it for Steam. Steam Labs is a showcase of some of the "dozens of experiments around discoverability, video, machine learning, and more" that Valve produce for their store. So far, there's three to poke around - "Micro Trailers", "Interactive Recommender" and "Automatic Show" -…

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