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The 2016 Steam Summer Sale Has Started

Steam’s summer sale is now on. It will run until July 4th at 10am PDT (6pm UK time). A great many video games have been discounted greatly. No flash deals, no minigames, no achievements, simply a whole load of discounts. Well, and some virtual trading cards and a virtual badge you can collect through those cards. But mostly discounts!

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Steam Summer Sale Starts Next Week, Say PayPal

For the next week, you might want to stop treating yourself to a lunchtime cup of hot frothy wren blood or whatever it is you people drink and put those pennies aside. The 2016 Steam Summer Sale is likely starting next Thursday, June 23rd, going by an over-enthusiastic announcement from PayPal. They’ve been right before.

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Steam Summer Sale Is Go, With Summer Adventure Madness


Hide your wallets, shield your baby’s eyes: the Steam Summer Sale has launched. If you’re not familiar with it, this is the time of the year when Valve provide huge discounts to huge numbers of games, prompting everyone everywhere to buy games they might have missed at full price.

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Steam’s summer sale is happening as we speak! Isn’t that exciting? This webpage tells me it’s exciting, and it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. And of course, with Steam sales come innumerable guides, because your IQ is just a picture of a confused sloth and you need to be told which things to buy. But goodness gracious, there are so many. What ever will you do? How will you cope? Why, by reading my definitive, all-encompassing hyperguide, naturally. It’s scientifically proven to be 127 percent guidier than all other guides. Do you have questions? Well then, I have answers. But only to really specific questions that I wrote.

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And So It Begins: Steam Summer Sale Started

Get ready to empty your bank accounts into the chasms of Valve’s gold stores, because their Big One has started, and is going to last 11 days. So much so that the website is a bit hit and miss at the time of writing. The in-Steam version seems to still be working right now, however, and is currently offering the usual collection of very slashed prices. This time with their new trading card gubbins throughout, whatever they are.

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Paying Out For The Summer: Steam Sale Is Here

The Steam Summer Sale is happening RIGHT NOW. There’s a community vote for a new deal every eight hours, there are massive bundles, and there are daily deals that include Crusader Kings II and Legend of Grimrock. On top of that, or at the side if you’re looking at the screen, there are also Flash Sales, which are shorter, except for including the Rayman Oranges one which is possibly was previously and incorrectly counting down from 11 days. It’s 11 hours now. Sale runs from July 12 to July 22. Anyone finding things they didn’t expect, or that they haven’t already bought at twice the price?

Headline With A ? – Is This The Steam Summer Sale?

Definitely? NO

What a bloody funny world it is to live in these days. Not content with leaking the existence of most every major game before it’s even announced, the internet lately feels it’s necessary to also spread advance, unofficial word about big discount events. A dedicated explore of Steam’s database files has allegedly thrown up alleged details on what allegedly might allegedly be the alleged Steam Summer alleged Sale, which allegedly includes the following games and packs allegedly discounted enormously. There are dozens of the blighters. Allegedly.
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