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Better? Maybe? – You Can Now Report Abusive Steam Tags

Steam's community isn't *always* wrong

Oh, Valve. I’d like it so very much if we lived in the world you seem to wishfully inhabit. Power to the people! It’s a wonderfully idealistic goal, but there’s just one problem with it: the Internet mutates far too many people into hideous trolls, and they use their powers to make the world a viler, more putrid place. I’m not as against democratization of game development/sales as, say, John, but I do think there need to be serious checks in place to prevent rampant misuse and willful idiocy. It is, then, good to see Valve sort of moving in that direction with Steam Tags. Doubtless, Steam needs to beef up discoverability for its increasingly labyrinthine library, but easily abused tags initially turned the feature into a giant joke. Valve’s solution? A community driven report function, naturally.

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Steaming Pile: Steam Tags Added To Steam Beta

The real problem is that Steam Tag isn't a steam-related pun.

Valve do like their user-generated content. They’ve updated Steam with Steam Reviews, Steam Greenlight and now Steam Tags, which let players label Steam games with keywords. Those tags are then made searchable and used to recommend game-types you might like based on your playing history.

Unfortunately, much like previous additions, it turns out the internet can’t be trusted. The system is already being used to mark games with insults, and even though it’s still in beta, labels are already appearing on game’s store pages.
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