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Out Of The Beta Quadrant: Stellar Impact

Background: REAL! (except for the colours)

The best thing about space is that it’s real. It may or may not be filled with aliens and warring spaceships, but the setting, the background, is actually there! All those galaxies – that’s not pretend from out of a book. As much as you may doubt me, they’re really all up there (and down, and some on the left too. We are of course on the far right of space). Space is the setting chosen for Stellar Impact, the intergalactic strategalatic DOTA-ish multiplayer, and despite our reviewing it in January, it’s out today.

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Wot I Think: Stellar Impact

Brendan was not allowed to sleep during his holidays, instead we made him play Stellar Impact, which he thinks is pretty good. Shame, then, that so few of you are playing it.

Merry Christmas. I trust everyone had a wonderful time, stuffing their faces with poultry and listening to that quaint little old monarch talk about her Royal Gas or whatever. Anyway, now that I’ve insulted the Royalists I’m going to dispense with the Christmas theme because there is no way I can link it to Stellar Impact, which is a spacey game set in space. The first thing you should know about Stellar Impact is that it is a good game. There. The second thing you should know is that it is a slightly unbalanced game. The third thing you should know is that I have no idea what I’m talking about. But why?
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Stellar Impact Is Still Worth Exploring

It’s all space, space, space with you today, Internet. In fact I thought I’d add to that with a sort of reminder post to point to excellent multiplayer spaceship duelling game, Stellar Impact, which you can play for free up to a point (the point at which you have to pay to unlock the later character-advancement possibilities of the game.) Annoyingly, the site died the last time I linked to it, but the game is so good that I wanted to make sure you guys had a chance to take another look. This is definitely one game that could do with a few more people playing it.

Shiny new trailer below.
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Space Free For All: Stellar Impact

Space for free. Free. Space.
If you were brave/lucky enough to attend our Indie Arcade at the Eurogamer Expo then you might have noticed the quietly majestic Stellar Impact, which is a rather accomplished-looking PvP starship combat game. It’s really quite the thing: somewhere between MOBA-style play and classic ship-to-ship naval warfare, with you having out-manoeuvre your opponent, bring a broadside to bear, and so on. What’s more is that it has a sort of infinite demo, whereby you can play the game for free, but can’t level up your stuff without the full version. Neat! I’ve posted the trailer and also Total Biscuit’s blathering about it below. Go take a look!

UPDATE: Sigh, looks like their site broke as I posted this.
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