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Eidos Montreal Boss Quits, Blames Square Mismanagement

More hints of troubled times at Square have appeared, via the resignation of Eidos Montreal’s founder and general manager, Stephane, D’Astous. Describing “irreconcilable differences” to Develop, he let loose with a tirade about a “lack of leadership, lack of courage and the lack of communication”. And he was just getting started.

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An Open Conspiracy: The First DX3 interview

1UP have the first proper interview with Eidos Montreal about Deus Ex 3. Phillip Collar talks to their General Manager Stephane D’Astous about the project. It’s an interesting interview, with much to think about. I’m sure the details will be picked over by Deus Ex fans. For example, this is fascinating…

And just one more example of how we’re trying to be transparent: this Saturday in Montreal, we’re opening our doors to do an Open House. We’re inviting the public, the families of the employees, and even the competition to come walk through our studios and see what we’re all about. In the future, if there are some fans that would like to come down to Montreal for whatever reason and go through our studio, it would be our pleasure to organize something. We really want to work closely, not behind closed doors.

Alas, that’s the Saturday that’s just gone otherwise we’d have worked out if any RPSites were in Montreal and sent an agent.