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START IT: The Place To Put Save Games

Tally ho!

Yesterday I let out a clarion call to all developers and publishers to STOP IT when it came to confetti-scattering save games around our computers, and to keep them all in one sensible place. What I didn’t add, it’s been pointed out to me by a few developers since, was what that sensible place is. So I’ve picked one.

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STOP IT: Put Save Games In ONE Place

This is contrusctive.

I’ve mentioned this flippantly before, in The Rules, but really I’m beyond exasperated now. I demand – DEMAND I say – a single location for savegames to be agreed upon by all who make games, with a punishment of grisly, brutal death for any who fails to follow it. Below I’ve listed the locations for savegames for a bunch of the games I currently have installed.

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