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Twitch apologises for mishandling thousands of copyright claims

Twitch has been going through some major music copyright drama over the last few months, being hit with an onslaught of DMCA takedown notifications. In October, this culminated in the streaming platform straight up deleting streamers' clips and videos that had used copyrighted music without permission. Twitch didn't even warn the streamers affected beforehand, only letting them know after with a pretty generic email.In a…

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Free karaoke ’em up Twitch Sings is leaving the stage

Sorry, Twitch Sings. We've had a good night of belting the classics, but we've all had a few and our throats have all gone a little hoarse - it's time to call it a day. After a year and a half, Twitch is raising the curtain on their sing-a-long streaming platform next January to focus on "broader tools and services" for music on the site.

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Microsoft Flight Sim streamers dress up for a 16-hour long haul

I miss a lot of things about travel, but being trapped in a tiny metal tube for hours on end isn't exactly one of them. Not so for Microsoft Flight Simulator streamer Bruce Greene and friends. Donning pilot uniforms and building an entire fake 747 cockpit, the trio set off on a 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Dubai - though if my pilot was…

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Twitch tells the US Army to cut out the fake giveaways

In a line that only further proves the cyberpunk dystopia is real, the US Army have been reprimanded by Twitch for running phoney giveaways on their streaming channel. Following criticism for banning viewers who raise the service's history of war crimes, Twitch have now forced the US Army's Esports Team (a thing that sure does exist) to stop a thinly-veiled recruitment trick disguised as a…

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Streamer tears out of Call of Duty: Warzone’s gulag using a steering wheel

Call of Duty: Warzone's map is pretty big. Massive enough that it's fair to assume you'll be spending a lot of time driving down its byways and highways between firefights. For one streamer, it only made sense to get behind the wheel himself for some Verdansk road trips. Perfect for driving, less so for shooting - but when he finds himself faced with a 1v1…

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Get a free Stadia Premiere bundle with a new BT broadband package

Google Stadia has had a bit of a rocky launch so far. The free version of Google's cloud gaming service still isn't available yet, and the number of games available to play on Stadia has been wanting to say the least. However, the tide might finally be turning for Stadia, as Google have just struck a new deal with UK phone and internet giant BT…

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Corsair’s new K95 XT keyboard has built-in Elgato Stream Deck controls

Ever since the streaming bods over at Elgato were subsumed into Corsair's giant PC peripherals basket back in 2018, I've been waiting for the inevitable mash-up moment where both companies collide in a single bit of hardware. Finally, that time has arrived, as Corsair unveiled a new version of their top-end K95 Platinum keyboard at CES earlier this week that has built-in support for Elgato's…

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Stadia won’t have 4K HDR streaming on PC at launch, plus a bunch of other things

There are just five days to go before Google Stadia launches on November 19th, but after answering a bunch of questions via a Reddit AMA yesterday, it would appear Google's cloud gaming platform will be launching without a number of key features. Chief among them is no streaming in 4K, HDR and 5.1 surround sound for those logging on via a PC, meaning the only…

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Elgato’s Stream Deck Mini box arrives today for $100

When you think of Elgato, the first thing that probably comes to mind are their video capture doodads with the many cables and names like HD60. If you're an avid Twitch streamer, though, you may be more au fait with their many-buttoned Stream Deck controller instead. Well, it's the latter family Elgato are growing today, as they've just announced the arrival of the Stream Deck…

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Make Haste! Twitch Cut Broadcast Delay By Around 33%

Twitch may be the fromage grand of the video game livestreaming world, but over the past year or so I've seen a fair few People In The Know switch away to new competitors like One big complaint is that the delay between the game you broadcast and what Twitch viewers see grew too long, making chatting and interacting with viewers a nuisance - it's…

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Livesteaming: Steam Broadcasting Launches In Beta

Oh me oh my, Valve are wading into the livestreaming waters. You know, that livestreaming thing, where you can watch other people play video games or have other folks watch you play video games? Valve today launched a public beta of Steam Broadcasting, building livestreaming into the Steam client. It's trying to make livestreaming more casual and coincidental rather than a big fuss we consciously…

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Feature: Are AMD and Nvidia trying to lock you in?

Week in Tech: Proprietary PC Tech and Nvidia

Last week we caught an early glimpse of Nvidia's latest and greatest GPU design, known as Maxwell. We'll have to wait a while to see what impact it has on true gaming PCs, but the sheer power efficiency of the new architecture certainly looks promising. Anywho, the Maxwell launch event was a chance to hook up with Nvidia and quiz them on a subject that's…

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This Is Living (Room): Steam In-Home Streaming Beta Soon

Owning a gaming machine with horsepower for days can come with some pretty severe drawbacks - for instance, that it's comparable to an actual horse in weight and portability. (And I can't even ride it! What did I make this damn thing for, anyway?) The prospect of following Valve's rhythmically clomping war party into the living room, then, isn't the most attractive. Not when I…

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Always Bet On Spelunky Death Roulette

First there was Salty Bet, the 24/7 Twitch stream where AI-controlled fighting game characters do battle with one another in front of an audience who can bet on the winner with fake money. Now there is Spelunky Death Roulette, a similar wrapper for a group of Twitch streams where viewers can use fake money to bet on how they think the player will die.

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Week in Tech: Intel Overclocking, Bonkers-Wide Screens

Don't sling your old CPU on eBay just yet. Too many Rumsfeldian known unknowns remain, never mind the unknown unknowns. But the known knowns suggest Intel is bringing back at least a slither of overclocking action to its budget CPUs. It's arrives with the incoming and highly imminent Haswell generation of Intel chips and it might help restore a little fun to the budget CPU…

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