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You’re Gonna Have to Jump: The retro games of Homestar Runner


Trogdor is a dragon borne of the Internet, like something out of Shadowrun, and January 13th saw him turn 15 years old. Trogdor, for the uninitiated, is a 12-year-old’s awesome notebook doodle, a dragon shaped like the letter S with an inexplicably beefy human arm coming out of his back. He’s a recurring character from the webseries Homestar Runner, cartoons which followed the childish obsessions of a gang of funny little scribble men, including the supernaturally stupid Homestar and the real main character, Strong Bad, whose main hobbies are checking his email and antagonizing his fans. Let’s take a look at the Homestar world’s relationship with nostalgia and its impact on PC gaming history.

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Four-Play: Telltale’s New Game Teased

Of course, if we're being literal, rather than a game featuring all of the four characters it could actually be that the team-fortress characters are joining the Telltale stable in some way. Who can tell? Telltale, and they're not.

Lauri was the first to mail us with news that Telltale are teasing us furiously via the medium of Gametrailers. A short footage stating “Bet you never thought these guys would get together”, followed by silhouettes of Him from Penny Arcade, Him from Sam ‘n’ Max, Him from Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People and – unless our eyes deceive us – him from Team Fortress 2. Holding – er – cards? They seem to be cards. What could it be? A videogame, that’s what. It’s not going to be a fridge decoration. We’ll know on September 2nd and the teaser trailer follows…
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RPS Speaks Exclusively To Videlectrix*

The Videlectrix boys at the cutting edge of technology.

While there was almost another Telltale-related controversy yesterday, it remains completely shadowed by the rift between Telltale and Videlectrix that we first reported last week. For those unaware, Videlectrix claim to have been making cutting edge videogames for the last thirty years, and more recently have been closely affiliated with the Homestar Runner website. Their output includes classics like Salad Daze, Pigs On Head, and of course Thy Dungeonman 3. It’s literally impossible to calculate their impact on the gaming industry. Creative differences over the direction of the Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People episodic adventures have spilled over into the public in an ugly foray. Determined to prove there’s investigative journalism alive and well in the games media, Rock, Paper, Shotgun conducted a world exclusive interview with both developers at Videlectrix, in an attempt to uncover the Whole Truth.

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Looks Like You’re Going To Have To… Download!

A typical day in RPS Castle.

Telltale’s Strong Bad episodic adventures continue to prove themselves leagues ahead of the disappointing Sam & Max series (yeah, want to fight about it?). Episode 3 was completely stunning, some of the finest adventure gaming I’ve had in a very long while. In case you missed it, you can get the demo here. And now the demo for the next episode is out, and here’s the full title:

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People: Episode 4: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Is that a record?

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RPS Exclusive: Mike Stemmle Interview

A few weeks back we heard the splendid news that LucasArts alumnus Mike Stemmle had joined Telltale. As one half of the team that created the original Sam & Max: Hit The Road, who better to get involved? So we got in touch and spoke to the man, finding out what he’s been up to in the meantime, what it’s like to return to S&M after all those years, the potential for the modern adventure, and how former colleague Sean Clark should have been a lot more careful at Mike’s wedding.

RPS: The last time I saw you was in the depths of LucasArts, midway through the development of Monkey Island 4. So my first question has to be, does your office still look like this?

The crazy thing is, Clark's side of the room was clean like a pharmacy.
(Click for the full glory)

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Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People

Coming to you live from San Francisco, on a Top Secret Mission for RPS, I’m excited enough to struggle with typing out a post on my EEE (sausge fingers vs. tiny tech) to tell you that there’s to be an episodic game featuring Strong Bad. Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People.

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