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You’re Gonna Have to Jump: The retro games of Homestar Runner


Trogdor is a dragon borne of the Internet, like something out of Shadowrun, and January 13th saw him turn 15 years old. Trogdor, for the uninitiated, is a 12-year-old’s awesome notebook doodle, a dragon shaped like the letter S with an inexplicably beefy human arm coming out of his back. He’s a recurring character from the webseries Homestar Runner, cartoons which followed the childish obsessions of a gang of funny little scribble men, including the supernaturally stupid Homestar and the real main character, Strong Bad, whose main hobbies are checking his email and antagonizing his fans. Let’s take a look at the Homestar world’s relationship with nostalgia and its impact on PC gaming history.

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Have You Played… Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People?

Have You Played? is an endless stream of game recommendations. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

Homestar Runner is alive again! Not nearly as alive as it once was, but there have been Halloween cartoons the last two years, and hints that the Brothers Chap are learning HTML5 to replace the aged Flash site. Which is all a very good reason to embrace what was previously the animation’s swansong, a series of adventures made with Telltale.

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The 25 Best Adventure Games Ever Made

You know that there are adventure games, and you know that some of those adventure games are better than others. But do you know which one is best, and which one is twenty-fifth best? Well, at last you can find out, with our definitive, unimpeachable breakdown of adventure gaming’s best moments.

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Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Low Prices

A proud man, a proud flag.

I’m not sure for how much longer this will last, so get in quick. Telltale’s best series, Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People, is currently available in full (all five episodes) for £4 on Steam. That’s… all five for less than the price of one episode on release. It’s 82% off the full price. Each game takes a couple of hours, so by my maths that’s ten hours for four quid. Or 40p an hour. What else can you do for 40p an hour? Park in Malmesbury, that’s what. But I’m going to contend that SBCG4AP is even more fun than that.

These games benefited from the adventuring genius brain of Mike Stemmle (Sam & Max: Hit The Road), with the fabulous series highlight episode 3 created by him, and his influence throughout. The writing was handled by The Brothers Chaps who write the (seemingly now dead) Homestar Runner from which Strong Bad emerged, and is fantastically funny. £4! Get it!

Happy Trogday! Free Strong Bad Episode


Well apparently it’s Trogday. If you’re a fan of Homestar Runner, you’re probably as sad about the lack of new content on the site as me. Just because one of the Bros. Chaps had a baby doesn’t mean they can miss a Decemberween cartoon, the lazy buggers. If you’re not a fan, you’ve no idea what this is about and you’re thinking of clicking away. But wait! A great way to find out would be to get a free episode of Telltale’s really fantastic Strong Bad adventures. For today only they’re giving away episode 5 (the last in the series, oddly) for free. And it’s well worth getting hold of.

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Behind The Bad (People At Telltale)

Pleeeeeease let Ol' Timey appear in the next run.

To conclude our Pulitzer Prize nominated coverage* of the war that has broken out between Telltale and made up company Videlectrix (made up of moustachioed geniuses, that is), below is our interview with the CEO of Telltale, Dan Connors, in which we grill him about the controversy in a way that makes other games journalists look like the frightened, corporate-bought cowards they truly are. But before that, learn more about the torrid situation with the third and final part of Behind The Bad – the behind-the-scenes exposé of life at Telltale working with Strong Bad.

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Strong Bad Episode 5 Demo, Controversy

Telltale offices, after the fans had left, yesterday.

The final episode of the good fun Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People series is out now, with a demo available. It’s the second best of the five (the fabulous Episode 3 beating it), with some top-notch nonsense, and Mike Stemmle Chuck Jordan on puzzle duty, with Mike Stemmle at his side. And of course features the mighty Trogdor, as well as many other favourite Videlectrix characters, including the world of 20X6. A tip-top episode, well worth your money. However, there was briefly some controversy afoot in that regard.

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Telltale And Videlectrix Come To Blows


The Strong Bad episodic adventures come to an end later this month with the final chapter, 8-Bit Is Enough. In the meantime, there’s something of a spat occurring between developer/publisher Telltale and their development partner, Videlectrix. The details are below, along with statements from both companies, and a trailer for the next episode.

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New Strong Bad Demo Out

The protest group.

Monthly releases come around so quickly. There’s another demo for the freshly available second episode of Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People. Definitely worth checking out.

Episode 1, out last month, is reviewed in the next PC Gamer, so I can’t possibly say anything about it. (It’s great! People at PC Gamer can’t read things in parentheses. They all suck!) This second episode (isn’t quite as strong, but is still a good time). So, in summary, better than Sam & Max and if you disagree, frankly you’re embarrassing yourself.

Strong Bad STRONG!

Also, remember to play Thy Dungeon Man

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People: Episode One – Homestar Ruiner is out, and blimey, it’s good. It’s not been much of a secret that I’ve not been a big fan of Telltale’s Sam & Max games. So I’m delighted to report that I enjoyed Strong Bad’s game. I’ll say no more, as reviews are due to appear in printed form. Meanwhile, there’s a demo, so you can see for yourself. I’d say a fondness for the Homestar Runner cartoons is a bit of a must – if you don’t like them, you’ll likely not get much from the game. But if you don’t like them, then you’re a dreadful sort and it serves you right.