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FOX News Takes Stand On Green Gaming

And thus an expert on all things to do with children.

The list of crimes committed by videogames is a long and dark one. Our hobby causes ordinary citizens to turn into crazed sociopaths, rapists, murders, environmentalists and thugs. Wait, hang on a second, go back one? It appears that the latest charge levelled at gaming by those arbiters of decency at FOX News is one of spreading leftie-pinko liberal thinking, and by golly it’s got to stop.

This is being perpetrated by “the green police”, who apparently are breaking into people’s homes and installing Sim City Societies on children’s PCs. We’re alerted to this horror by legendary videogaming and environmental science expect, radio presenter T.J. McCormack, who observes that people are “profiting of an environmental cause.” Because that’s now his argument?

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