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Fortnite will screen a full Christopher Nolan film in-game for free

The in-world cinema of Fortnite will screen a yet-unconfirmed old Christopher Nolan film for free this summer, Epic have revealed after debuting a trailer for his new film, Tenet. It's going to be Inception they show, isn't it? Gotta be. Inception turns ten in July, it's like a big ol' video game itself, they could add fun in-game effects with folding worlds and slowed time...…

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Summer Game Fest is collecting displaced E3 announcements into a season of online events

As we've likely all heard, E3 is off this year thanks to the global Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. To replace the week-long announce-o-rama that happens each June, Geoff Keighley (Mr. Game Awards and Death Stranding cameo man) has announced a four month long online event called the Summer Game Fest running from May until August. Looks like he's corralled all the usual big swingers together to…

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