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Super Amazing Wagon Adventure: Oregon Trail But Mad

By Super Amazing Wagon Adventure's standards, this screenshot is actually relatively tame.

I haven’t played Oregon Trail since I was this tall. And since I can’t gesture with my hands on the Internet, you can assume I mean as tall as the word “this.” As I remember it, though, Oregon Trail managed to twist the American school system’s central¬†tenets of tedium and largely inapplicable knowledge into bonafide fun – at least, as far as ancient edutainment games go. The fine folks at Sparse Vector, however, have managed to take said obscure Oregonian lore and apply the hell out of it. So take that, America. Super Amazing Wagon Adventure, then, has its down home country roots in Oregon Trail and even allows you to hunt buffalo, name incredibly¬†dysentery-prone characters after your awful friends, and whatnot. But – as the trailer beyond the treacherous trek that is the break demonstrates – there are also giant ants. And zombies. And machine guns. And buffalo-seeking missiles. And it’s mostly, er, a shoot-’em-up.

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