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Gunshine, Lollipops and Facebook

Team RPS continues to warily circle Facebook gaming in the manner of coyotes sniffing at a crashed stagecoach, convinced there are delicious, meaty treats somewhere inside the wreckage but anxious they're defended by something that will cause them harm. While the master thief that is Farmville, and its many derivatives, remain a gruesome prospect indeed, a few games are endeavouring to be, well, games. One…

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Gunshine: Open Beta and Impressions

Social networked Diablo-with-guns thinger Gunshine was a closed beta, and now it is an open beta. NEWS. Good news, however, as it means you no longer have to beg, borrow, steal or create a complicated algorithm to illegally generate a key to get in. It's open to any and all, so long as they've got a browser which supports Flash. I've had a quick look…

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Quick Draw: Get On The Gunshine Beta

UPDATE: FRESH KEY FOR ANOTHER 500 USES BELOW! EDIT: Looks like the key is spent. Thanks for playing! One of the many smiling faces I saw at GDC belonged to Supercell, the chaps behind browser-based MMO Gunshine. Their Diablo-lite RPG is a quasi-MMO that allows you to quest with your friends' characters, even if they're not online. It's got a bunch of interesting features planned…

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Supercell’s Gunshine Backed By Harrison

Nice headline, Rossignol, but what does it mean? That is what you are thinking, right? Well it means this: Supercell, who are a small Finnish dev team made up of Remedy and Digital Chocolate veterans, are making a browser-based MMO called Gunshine. It's the first project to be backed by Phil "He's Done Some Games Industry Stuff" Harrison's London Venture Partners. It also doesn't look…

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