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Posts tagged “SuperScarySnakes”

Heart-stopping shooter Black Future ’88 crashes out today

It's 1988. It's been 1988 for longer than anyone can remember, and you've only got minutes to make it to the top of a tower before your heart explodes. Rubbish, that. So begins Black Future '88, a side-scrolling cyberpunk shooter from developers SuperScarySnakes, released today. You know the drill - there's a big bad needing a bullet in the skull, backed by nefarious bosses and…

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Black Future ’88 promises excessive synthcore roguery

Not too long ago, I'd while away many an idle afternoon crunching my way through arcade games via emulation. Nowadays, that niche in my life is filled by a seemingly endless procession of action-roguelikes, offering that twitch action fix with the promise of a fresh set of challenges each time.The latest to catch my eye is Black Future '88 from SuperScarySnakes, a platform shooter with…

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