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SuperSight Gives Heartfelt Advice Through Punching

Words to live by.

I just finished playing through SuperSight‘s short-but-sweet five chapters, and I feel… enriched. Like, as a human being. It’s a charming little beat ’em up from Channel 4, you see, so its somewhat typical (though extremely well-executed) trappings hide a gooey, nougaty center of meaning. In short, it’s basically Rocky Training Montage: The Game meets Mr Miyagi. You will fight, you will cry blood and sweat tears, and you will grow under the┬átutelage of the firm yet kindly Wise Guy. Also, you’re some kind of living Tiki mask for some reason. SuperSight’s an experience that’s equal parts good and feel-good, though. More thoughts and soul-smiles after the break.

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