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Tower Defense Of The Colossus: Burden

That thing on his elbow? That's a tower defense arena.

Sometimes when mosquitoes or gnats or eaglets who are on their first hunt and mistake my hair for a mid-sized rodent won’t stop swarming my face/neck/back, I feel like I’m playing some sort of tower defense game. Burden is kinda like that, except with a larger-than-life sprinkle of Shadow of the Colossus mixed in for good measure. You juggle multiple mini tower defense battlefronts on single lumbering giant, bouncing back and forth to stave off tiny armies of all shapes and sizes. It’s a bit of a strange idea, but it looks great. Trailer in the shadow of this colossus of a post.

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Hands On: Vertiginous Golf

There are some genre descriptions I see and my heart sinks. “A new twist on tower defence!” Sink. “Adding an F2P model to classic racing!” Siiiiiink. “An update to a Myst-style adventure” Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiink. “A dystopian steampunk golf game.” PERRRRRR-DOOIIIIIIIINNGGG! My heart’s back up where it belongs!

That is the superb explanation given by indie publisher Surprise Attack Games, just announced as publishing the superbly named Vertiginous Golf. Golf powered by “a mysterious Victorian-era virtual reality device.” I’ve had a play of it.

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Particle-u-lary Interesting: Particulars on Greenlight

not sperm
Sometimes I like to lie awake at night and imagine all my little atoms in my little atom body came from other, much cooler things than me. For example, I like to imagine that somewhere in me there is an atom that once belonged to Grace Darling, an English lighthouse keeper’s daughter who spotted the wreck and survivors of the Forfarshire in 1838, and determined it was too stormy out in the chop for a lifeboat. So she rowed out in a rowing boat with her father at great risk to herself and brought in survivors. Grace died a few short years later at the super-young age of 26 from tuberculosis, but what a woman. What a person. I like to think that one of her atoms is recycled in me.

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