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The Wager 1.2 Is Out, And You Should Play It

If you don't play this, that angry man will stare at you longer.

Splendid pirates-em-up The Wager has now officially released its version 1.2, that I somewhat prematurely wrote about on Monday. So you should definitely get it. Because it’s brills. And free. And I’ve some hints on their next game, The Archive. It will apparently “draw on roguelike” with randomly generated elements that are reminiscent of games like Spelunky and The Binding Of Isaac. “Except in space! With lasers!” There are more details on Surprised Man’s podcast. That’s still a year off, but in the meantime, for goodness sakes play the very enjoyable The Wager. Because I said so.

Bet You’ll Have A Good Time: The Wager

Odds on favourite indie of the da... oh kill me.

Indie team Surprised Man got in touch with us yesterday to tell us about their new game, The Wager. Which is how I’ve spent most of the last couple of hours. I think you ought to do the same. Especially because it’s free. Taking bits of inspiration from Colonisation and Sid Meier’s Pirates, it’s a simple but detailed exploration game, as you attempt to chart islands and make more money than your arch rival, Sir Lester Marwood. I HATE Sir Lester Marwood!

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