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Survey: What are your strategy gaming habits?


Occasionally it’s helpful know what games you’re playing and what you think of a genre or specific game. That’s why we’re pointing you towards this survey about strategy games. It’ll only take a few minutes to fill in and it asks simple questions about what you play, how often you play, and your expected future habits. Some of the questions deal specifically with Total War: Warhammer 2 and the results will be shared with Creative Assembly, but your answers will help us understand your interests better, too. If you have a few minutes to help out, we’d appreciate it!

Survey: Babies Most Likely To Be Eaten By GTA V

Tis the season for it. As people who do important things get distracted by baubles, the press starts to look for anything to fill their pages, and canny PR companies begin sending out headline-filling anythings to fill the void. So it is that today we’ve been contacted by to let us know that mums (just mums, apparently) are most scared of their precious ones playing GTA V. Even more so than Killzone Something and Dead Rising: Dead In The Title.

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Deep Silver Survey On Saints Row IV Collector’s Edition

IV means '4'
Remember when Deep Silver’s Dead Island Riptide “Zombie Bait Edition” torso statue came out and we were mostly all like, okay weird gross statue of a bikinied lady who has been brutally dismembered, but honestly, where is my dismembered bloody man crotch in Calvin Kleins? Oh that was only me then. (It is odd being a woman in this industry sometimes.) Well, I guess Deep Silver were slightly burnt by the expressions of disgust we all had. Now they are giving us the chance to vote for a whole host of weird Saints Row IV Collector’s Edition stuff.
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Paradox Will Trade Cities In Motion For Your Thoughts

All these pixels and more for free!
If the barter system existed across the board for games this wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but until the day we’re released from the bonds of the current economic system, in about two weeks, it’s still an unusual move: Paradox Interactive is giving away a copy of the really rather decent Cities in Motion on Gamer’s Gate to the people who take the 20 or so minutes it takes to answer this survey.
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Thesis Of Warcraft

'Excuse me sir, could you answer a few questions?'

Reader Huon Longman got in touch with us, asking if we could help out with his thesis study examining the levels of social support derived by players of MMOs based on the resulting social networking, as well as what effects this has on symptoms of anxiety and depression, stress levels, and overall life satisfaction.

Which seems like an interesting study to us, so why not. If you think you’re a WoW player, and interested, there’s an FAQ all about the project below, along with details of where to get involved.

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Valve Survey – New Results Available

Valve have released the latest user survey data, which records the specs of the machines, and software on those machines, belonging to the people playing their games.

Feel small yet?

If you’ve used Steam, you’ll know that every now and then you’re asked to participate in the survey (and if you’re me, which I am, you’ll know that for some reason it always fails to send). All that data is collated into their constantly updating results page, where you can go, “Coo, are people really still trying to use machines with 128MB RAM?” And then laugh about how superior your machine is, until noticing that 3.95% of people have quadcore, and feeling rubbish again.

You can view the latest figures here, and compare them to the May to August figures here. Below are some of the more interesting changes.

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