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Feature: Pottering in the face of danger

Survival Games Versus Pottering About

This post was originally published as part of the RPS Supporter program I'm playing a lot of Subnautica [official site] at the moment, spending hours beneath the waves, doing the floaty equivalent of pottering and gardening. I think the reason I'm having so much fun, despite being historically infuriated by survival games, is that one mode allows you to ditch the hunger and thirst constraints.…

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Illness, Adrenaline In Fallout 4’s Survival Overhaul

"Fallout 4 is best enjoyed as a survival game," our Alec said as Michael Radiatin' set out to explore the post-apocalypse in his charminly inept but enthusiastic way. The 'Survival' difficulty level of Fallout 4 [official site] isn't much of a survival game, though. So Bethesda are busy revisiting and overhauling it, and now we have a peek at their plans. Expect diseases from dirty…

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Feature: Upping The Underwater Pressure

In The Deep End: Narcosis Hands-On

Although not specifically an Oculus Rift game, it's hard to imagine playing Narcosis without the headset. The game is an underwater survival story which demands the player manage his or her oxygen supply as they navigate the ocean depths when an incident leaves them stranded. "The perception is that it's a horror game and that's cool," says David Chen, part of the development studio Honor…

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Feature: Into The Wild

Survival Games Are Important

In early 2012, a mod for Arma II called DayZ was released. Two-and-a-half years later, its odd mixture of multiplayer, horror, and a need for players to keep themselves fed and watered, has given rise to the survival genre. Let's celebrate that genre.

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